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We are a non-profit civil Association (Exp. IGPJ 649) born in the city of Rosario in 2003, dedicated to comprehensive health and community development in rural and isolated territories of our country.
Inspired by the philosophy of the doctor Esteban Laureano Maradona, our work is driven by solidarity in pursuit of the social inclusion of the most disadvantaged sectors of our society.

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The contribution is destined proportionally to the programs: medical care, beekeeping projects, orchard and actions in the nutritional center.

Solidarity Institutions

Sponsorship of special projects: beekeeping, training in trades, scholarships for interns in the field that provide sustainability to the programs, others.


Support of the HEALTH PROGRAM and RURAL DEVELOPMENT. Projects: health equipment, intercultural care center of the CSR, electromechanical shed, vehicles.

Rural Health Programs

Rural Health House

TWe have OUR HEADQUARTERS "La Casa de la Salud Rural" in Las Hacheras, an area of 30 hectares, where doctors and other health professionals who, in a complementary manner to the provincial Ministry of Health, serve a radius of 200 km and more than 34 places in a continuous and systematic manner, bringing specialists closer to health posts, schools and health centers with a comprehensive health plan. more isolated families.

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Mobile Health Unit

Since 2021, we have had a health unit, equipped with offices where we carry out medical care, vaccination, extraction of samples for the laboratory, and prevention and health promotion activities. The goal is to reach isolated areas that are devoid of health services with qualified professionals.

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Discover the Don Laureano Center, a space where our “School of Rural, Social and Community Health” operates.

Our Programs

Collaborate and be part of the different Development Programs

School of Beekeeping

Educational and Productive Project for young people from the Impenetrable Chaco

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Orchard /

Generate a self-sustaining, productive and educational garden

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Nutritional Center Kitchen

Healthy Culinary Practices Training Space

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Water Access Plan

Guarantees access to safe water for residents of rural and isolated areas

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Ambassadors of La Higuera

Cecilia Carranza

Olympic athlete

Juan Carlos Baglieto


Luis Landriscina


Ismael Serrano

Our Blog

We share some of the particular and moving stories that we come across every day

International Literacy Day

Debates around the topics of interest that our country is going through. The numbers seem to show the key from which to draw conclusions.

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It affects the behavior of people in relation to their attention span, impulsiveness, emotional problems and hyperactivity.

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What we talk about when we talk about "Respected Childbirth"

The act of bringing a new life into the world is experienced by many women as a long-awaited moment.

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Work on Espinillo Island

We provide health care to students and teaching and non-teaching staff of rural schools

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